Smt. Parubai & Shri Nihalchand Jaychand Chaudhary Vocational Guidance Centre for the Physically Divyang

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Seeking the right study or work opportunity always puzzles students as they usually have numerous options to choose from. On the other hand, what baffles the Divyangs is how to find even that one single scope to design their lives the way they want. They usually get tired of flailing in the dark and are forced to give up their dreams eventually. The foundation of the Smt. Parubai & Shri Nihalchand Jaychand Chaudhary Vocational Guidance Centre, which was initiated in the year 2000, was based on these observations. Educating special children is only the first step towards building their position in society. After they finish their education, we see to it that they do not get smacked down by the greater challenges ahead.

We enlighten physically challenged students about the courses and work opportunities available to them. Our counsellors guide them, considering their aptitude and interests. Making such people aware of the government and NGO schemes for them is one of the key functions of our centre.

We shall always remain indebted to Shri Jormalbhai Nihalchand Chaudhary for his financial support towards our institution.