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Smt. Indumati Rajnikant Mehta 'nand Niketan - Building Photo


Vidyamandir has been the pioneer of many institutions and movements in North Gujarat and beyond, but Mamtamandir is the closest to our hearts. Its institutions keep reminding us of the miracles education brings about. One such establishment on the premises of our Mamtamandir is our Anand Niketan. Prior to its foundation, almost all the mentally challenged children of North Gujarat either faced abandonment, neglect, or an uncertain future without an ounce of education. The reintegration of such children was the main purpose of our Anand Niketan, which we could build with the financial aid Shri Rajnikant C. Mehta, Chairman of Shri Chimanlal Lallubhai Mehta Charitable Trust, provided us during 1985–87. Even today, this institution works tirelessly for the upliftment and education of the mentally challenged.

Special Education For the Mentally Divyang

The misconception that being mentally challenged or retarded means being insane is still widespread, whereas the fact is that such children are just intellectually slow. This sort of disability is developmental. Timely diagnosis and treatment can generally prepare them for a normal life. Their conditions vary from mild to severe, but there is always some hope if they are taught with love and patience. Their overall development takes longer than usual, but it is not beyond our reach, so to make it possible, our curriculum includes speech development, self-care, socio-emotional development, life skills, personal expression, intellectual development, physiotherapy, and professional development through:

  • Mobility Training
  • Speech Therapy
  • Music
  • Tours
  • Trips
  • Cottage Industry Training
  • Experience
  • Continuous Revision
  • Daily Life Activities
  • Sports
  • The Campus

    Our infrastructure includes brilliantly decorated classrooms with mirrors for behavioural development; a fully equipped therapy garden cultivated by our students and teachers; and various training centres. For admission, we require a medical certificate issued by a certified psychiatrist so that we can decide upon the child’s training based on her/his condition. Our personal and group counselling sessions for the parents ensure our students’ continuous progress even at home. These sessions allow us to give them hope about their children’s future and change their mindsets by exhibiting their progress before them.

    Anand Niketan

    The tours and trips we have turn out to be a school on wheels for our students as they introduce them to social norms and etiquette. They give them a window into the society around them. For festival celebrations and events, we always make it a point to involve the local NGOs and social welfare clubs like the Rotary to eradicate the incorrect ideologies existing in society regarding the mentally disabled. We also provide boarding facilities for male students hailing from remote locations. The schedule of the hostel includes activities and therapies in alignment with the curriculum of the school. Special students need constant care and support, so we strive to give them a homely atmosphere.

    75 students and 17 staff members

    School Hours:
    Mon. to Fri. - 10:30 a.m. to 05:40 p.m.
    Sat. - 07:00 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.

    I/C Principal:
    Mr. Prahladbhai Pandya
    Opp. Shashivan, Dairy Road,
    Ph. 02742-252467