Shri Vrajlal Keshavlal Mehta Museum & Educational Demonstration Centre for the Mentally Divyang

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Understanding and treating mental and intellectual problems have come a long way over the years. The education system for the mentally Divyang has also evolved greatly, but knowing where and how it began and what breakthroughs there have been along the way is crucial for bringing about more significant changes.

Our museum-cum-demonstration centre prides itself on its contents and exhibitions. We generally receive educators and parents who need insights on topics related to intellectual underdevelopment and related issues. Our curators and experts are highly experienced in the field. Their constant research keeps us ahead and helps us offer more to our visitors.

Through this little effort of ours, we aim to bring about more revolutions in the special education system. We shall always be indebted to the Smt. Ashruben Mahendrabhai Vrajlal Mehta foundation, whose charity laid the foundation of this unique museum and demonstration centre in 1992.