Shri Panalal Chamanlal Kothari Museum & Educational Demonstration Centre for the Hearing & Speech Divyang

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Families are generally oblivious to the treatments and facilities they can access for their children with hearing impairments. Therefore, educating them is as essential as educating their children to help them get all the support they need. When we found that our students could benefit much more if their families were well up on the subject, we thought of building a museum to serve the purpose.

In 1989, the family members and friends of Shri Pannalal C. Kothari came forward to support the project in his honour. Our museum-cum-demonstration centre exhibits the causes and treatments of deafness, language development, speech therapies, the history of special education, the teaching-learning materials used for educating the hearing and speech Divyang, and the government grants and schemes available for them. Visitors also get to know about the vocational training programmes meant for them.