Institutions for the visually divyang

Vidyamandir Trust - having got donations - has established a number of Institutions and made many facilities available for the Visually Divyang children. 

Smt Menaben Keshavlal Mehta School for the Visually Divyang was established in the year 1963 with the charity of Shri Thakorlal Keshavlal Mehta family. The School has a nice building built with the financial assistance of the Govt. of India in the year 1977.

It is a Gujarati medium primary school located at Mamtamandir Campus, Dairy Road, Palanpur. It has 106 students and a staff of 23. The school hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

This was the first school in India to implement ‘Integrated Education’ of the visually divyang children with sighted children in the year 1963. This system was adopted later as a policy by the Govt. of Gujarat as well as that of India.

Shri Thakorlal Keshavlal Mehta Hostel for the Visually Divyang Boys was established in the year 1963 with the charity of the family of Shri Thakorlal Keshavlal Mehta. Presently 72 boys reside in this hostel. They are provided the facilities of lodging, boarding and education free of cost. It is situated at Sarvajanik Hostel Campus, Jagana Road, Palanpur.

Smt. Savitaben Kunvarjibhai Kothari Hostel for the Visually Divyang Girls was established in the year 1984 with the charity of a ready building by the family of Shri Kunvarjibhai Chhotalal Kothari. 18 girls studying in from Std. 1 to 12 reside here.

Shri Dalpatbhai K. Parikh Computer Centre was established in the year 2007 with the donation received from M/s. Aroni Charitable Trust. Presently 106 students are benefited from it. They are taught with different Braille softwares. Some children from outside as well as some teachers are also imparted the training of computers here.

Smt. Dhapuben & Chimanlal Virchand Zaveri Museum & Education Demonstration Centre for the Visually Divyang was established with the charity of the Executors of the Estate of Smt. Dhapuben and Chamanlal V. Jhaveri. It is a centre that functions as a guide about the field of education of the visually divyang children. It also gives information about everything that is related to the visually divyang people.

Shri Sumanbhai Kalidas Mehta Vocational Guidance Centre for the Visually Divyang is a centre that provides a facility of guidance about various courses and vocations available for the visually divyang people.

Master Digish Jagdish Modi Braille Library was established with the help of the donation received from Smt. Maniben Chimanlal Modi Foundation. It is a treasure of books in Braille script. It has the textbooks of Std. 1 to 12 as well as many other books and magazines. The books required for the Special Education College are also available now.

Shri Tarachand Dolatchand Shah Low Vision Centre was established with the charity of Shri Tarachand D. Shah Charitable Trust. Children with complete blindness, partial blindness and low vision study in our school for the visually Divyang. They should be treated as per the intensity of their problem of vision. The children with low vision can avail education with their vision if it is saved with medical treatment. That is what this centre is for. Presently 25 students are being benefited from this centre.


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