Shri Chandulal Raychand Mehta Balmandir

" બાલુડાં સદા ખેલે-કુદે તેવું અહીં કરો. જે ગામમાં હું ઉછરી છું તે ગામનાં  બાળકોને તમે આ ઘરમાં ઉછેરજો"

(Make this a place where little ones can always play and have fun. Raise the children who belong to the place where I was raised in this house.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Chanchiben

In 1967, Smt. Chanchibai Mehta shifted to a small house and donated her historic mansion, that still serves as a prominent landmark of the city to the Trust to make an invaluable contribution towards education in Palanpur. We established another kindergarten here to meet the demand for the exemplary education we provided through Shri Jain Balmandir and to utilize the generous flow of donations. Thus, Shri Chandulal Raichand Mehta Balmandir came into existence.

Today, this mansion, where Shri Chandulal Raichand Mehta used to spend hours playing with his lovely daughters once, is always filled with the laughter of gleeful kindergarteners. Late Smt. Chanchibai shall always be remembered and thanked for her great sacrifice.

This prestigious property is in the heart of the city. The suite of rooms adjoining a big hall within the mansion is very convenient for our activities.

Today, this Gujarati medium Balmandir is located at our Shri Manubhai Surajmal Jhaveri - Surekhaben (Crown TV) Campus, Opp. Shashivan, Rihen Mehta Marg, Palanpur.

It has 125 children and a staff of 7 members.

The school hours are from 8:10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Parents are welcome to meet the teachers and the Principal on the firs tSaturday of every month.



Mrs. Leelaben Rana

Ph. 02742-252615


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