Extra Summer Spoken English Classes Arranged by the Institute of English

The pandemic-led lockdowns have affected the students in more ways than expected. After the schools reopened, children, especially the younger ones, required more time to squeeze themselves into the normal schedule they had before the virus hit the nation. Their personality and speaking skills also needed a boost. Besides, for English-medium students of small cities like Palanpur, not coming to school also meant not talking to anyone in English, which in turn affected their comprehension and fluency. In view of this, we arranged a summer remedial course for our students to help them regain their confidence.

Our Priyashi Viral Kothari Institute of English prepared a free of cost 20 day- remedial course for the students who were interested. The programme was carefully designed to teach English only through entertaining activities that enthralled the children. The trainers took great care to ensure that the students tried to speak effortlessly. They learnt different parts of speech and sentence constructions without realising that they were going through essential grammar topics that honed their speech. Through games, role-plays, dramas, and fun projects, the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned more than they thought they would. Reluctant and shy children were also able to pick up the course content and come out of their shells to participate with their peers.

Throughout the course, the trainers constantly monitored and recorded the students' performances through rubric evaluation reports, and at the end, the details were represented to the parents through graphs. The trainers also guided the parents to help maintain their children's progress. The parents expressed their satisfaction by relating the amazing changes they saw in their children's confidence and fluency. 


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