Shri Mangaljibhai Zaverchandbhai Mehta Vidya Vistar Vyakhyanmala Manko-37

Shri Mangaljibhai Zaverchandbhai Mehta Vidya Vistar Vyakhyanmala running successfully since 1982 by Vidyamandir Trust. Vidyamandir invites learned and authenthic speakers of different spheres for the people of Palanpur. These speakers gave speeches on various topics to wise listeners of the town. This Vyakhyanmala is very popular in the town and people eagerly waits for the programme every year. This year Vidya Vistar Vyakhyanmala was held from 20th to 23rd February, 2020 at Shri Kanubhai Mehta Sanskrutik Bhavan. The speakers and their topics were as per given below;

1.Speaker: Dr. R. J. Pathak
  Subject: Avkash Kshetre Bharatni Sidhdhio 
  Chairperson: Dr. Utpal Joshi
2.Speaker: Dr. Jaynarayan Vyas
  Subject: Jalsanchay
  Chairperson: Dr. Navinkaka
3.Speaker: Dr. Shailesh Jani
  Subject: Social Media ane Internetni Manosamajik Asar
  Chairperson: Shri Navinbhai Patel
4.Speaker: Dr. S. L. Vaya
  Subject: Forensic Psychology
  Chairperson: Shri Shirishkumar Modi  
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