Over Night Camp held at Gopalpuri Dham, Dangiya

Over Night Camp has special appeal to the student-teachers as it provides unique opportunities to them for group living, collective experience sharing and constant interaction with school students. With this motto, Vidyamandir Trust arranged night camp for all balmandirs, schools and colleges of the campus. The night camp was organized from 15-01-2020 to 30-01-2020 at Gopalpuri Dham, Parthibhai Chaudhary’s Farm, Dangiya near Palanpur. The student-teachers were invited by giving them Lemon-juice as welcome drink. They enjoyed their independence and time away from home as they were kept gainfully engaged with a variety of fun-filled and supervised adventurous activities like Horse Riding, Rifle Shooting, Wall Climbing, Rope Climbing, Swing & Jump, Jump & Walk, Easy Balance, Hurdles, Balancing Logs, Rope Walking, Tunnel Crawl, Belly Crawl, Ice Land Hopper and Swimming in the pool. The mouth watering and nutritious food was served in dinner. At night some cultural programs like, “Bhavai” and then all the childrens enjoyed doing garbas on DJ music systems. The camp fire was there for the student-teachers. Twinkling stars, clear skies, cool breeze and classmates for company - the students had the time of their life as they spent a night in the over night camp.


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