Retirement of Shri Hasmukhbhai Modi and appointment of Shri Mahendrabhai Patel as Acting Director

Shri Hasmukhbhai Modi has been associated with the Vidyamandir Trust, Palanpur since 2001. He has been a Director since 2003. Over the past 20 years he has contributed immensely to the development of Vidyamandir. He has firmly believed in the child centric approach of education and ensured that Vidyamandir kept ahead of the changes in the field of education. Over the past two decades Vidyamandir has benefitted from his unflinching, unparalleled dedication and commitment to the Trust. His dynamism, enthusiasm and ‘never say no’ attitude has ensured that Vidyamandir is recognised as a premier education institution in the country.

Having spent over 40 years in the academic field, he has requested the Trust for retirement. The Trustees debated the same at length and accepted his request with great regret. Accordingly, he will be relieved from the services of the Trust on 30th June, 2022.

The Trust is pleased to appoint Shri Mahendrabhai Patel as the Acting Director effective 1st July, 2022. Mahendrabhai has been associated with Vidyamandir for over 17 years, and has been Assistant Director for the past 12 years. With an experience of 27 years in the field of education, the Trust is confident that he will be able to handle this responsibility with great distinction. The Trust is also confident that there is a strong team of academic and non-academic leaders to assist him in discharging his new role and take Vidyamandir to greater heights.

The Trust wishes all the best to Hasmukhbhai Modi and his family in their future endeavours and best of health.

The Trust also takes this opportunity to welcome Mahendrabhai Patel in his new role and requests all the stakeholders to extend their full support to him, as they have been extending to Hasmukhbhai Modi. We are confident that Vidyamandir under his leadership will continue to be an institution of excellence, providing quality education and skills within an inclusive and learner-centric environment.

In harmony with our motto of ‘Better Everyday’, Vidyamandir Trust remains committed to strive to remain relevant to evolving needs and aim for excellence.


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