Students Of GMS Balmandir Visited Ratanpur

The students of GMS - UKG of Shri Jain Balmandir, Shri C.R. Mehta Balmandir and Smt. K.R. Parikh Balmandir were visited Lokniketan Ratanpur on the 5th, August 2019 . All the students were very excited to see Lokniketan. In Lokniketan ,there were a large ground, trees, playground and  equipments. In Ratanpur, all the  teachers made group of their students and set them to play in the sand. The students made laddu from wet sand.Teacher showed them Ashram school where the students were living, they explained about the work of Ashram school's  students like farming,cleaning utensils manually and ground cleaning .At 12.30 Pm they returned to school from Ratanpur.


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