Listening Skill Competition Held in English Language Lab

A Listening Skills Competition was held in Std. 8 (EMS) during their regular Spoken English periods. In the first round the contestants had to listen to an audio clip and answer the questions based on it. Those who made it through this round entered the final round had to listened to some pop numbers together and tell the main lyrics of the songs and the ideas behind them. The students name given below are the winners of the competition.

Hardi Joshi  8-K

Satyam Chauhan  8-K

Maitri Gehlot  8-I

Pankti Shah  8-I

Daksh Patel  8-I

Tanishka Barot  8-I

Manvendra Gadhvi  8-I

Kavya Patel  8-J

Inaaz Syed  8-J

Jasmin Chaudhary  8-J

Nahar Rathod  8-J

Utsav Salvi  8-J



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