Shri D.D. Choksi College welcomes its new students

The Praveshotsava in any college is an event which every student eagerly awaits from the time of admission. The 4th of July 2022 was a memorable day in the lives of every Semester 1 student at Shri D.D. Choksi College of Secondary Education. The fest was filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter, and happiness.

With the traditional dhol trumpeting, cymbals clinging, vibrant rangolis, and gur to sweeten their hearts, the Semester 1 students were welcomed by the Semester 3 batch who stood in the foyer for them decked up in their uniforms. On July 1st, they themselves had received a grand welcome from the college staff, so they wanted to share the same warmth and love with the newbies. 
Thereafter, a special assembly was arranged, which commenced with an invigorating welcome speech by the principal, Dr. Neelu Ghosh. After the Navkar mantra, the students immersed themselves in some delightful hymns. The Sem. 3 students then presented the latest news headlines, some general knowledge facts, the importance of July 4th in history, a book review, a welcome song, a children's song, and a mime act. The General Secretary also had some words of wisdom to share with the assembly. 
To familiarise the students with the city and the trust, a panoramic documentary of Palanpur, Vidyamandir, and Shri D.D. Chokshi Secondary College of Education was projected for them. The event ended with some great feedback from the freshers, felicitations for the top 3 students, and a vote of thanks. 
The newcomers were truly mesmerised and enthralled right from the entourage to the conclusion of the programme.

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