Rohit Zaveri’s Art works on ‘Unknown Planet’ to be Displayed at Art Expo New York 2021

Well known artist, Alumnus of Vidyamandir, ROHIT ZAVERI has been invited to present his latest collection of artworks – a set of sculptural paintings entitled “Unknown Planet” – at the prestigious International Art Expo New York, currently scheduled for April 2021.

The collection is a unique set of over 50 art works created on high-density polystyrene foam, commonly known as ‘thermocol’. Zaveri has created most of them during the lockdown imposed as a result of Covid 19, working from his home in Surat.

Born in Palanpur in 1949, Zaveri studied from kindergarten to standard 11 in Vidyamandir and completed his BA (Fine) Painting from M.S. University in Vadodara in 1970 and went on to do a PG Diploma n Painting under the renowned painter KG Subramanyan in 1973. Zaveri has done 14 solo shows, 10 group shows, 14 events and 3 camps. He received the DAVP’s National Award for Best Graphic Design in 1983 from Hon President of India Gyani Zail Singh and 8 other awards including the Pablo Picasso International Award in the field of Fine Arts.

Zaveri describes his latest collection as “a landmark creation from all perspectives” with the “inspiration, selection of medium, subject treatment (being) unparalleled”.


The artistic journey that has culminated in the new collection began in March 2019 when his late wife Bharti was critically ill, he explains. Soon after she passed away, Zaveri says he went through a “personal, emotional experience” in which he “could feel the presence of her soul in my vicinity”.


The artists adds that subsequently “our souls travelled in the universe…. what I saw and felt there got manifested in the form of Unknown Planet”.

The collection captures what Zaveri describes as “unknown planets, beyond the boundaries of our galaxy”. 


He further elaborates, “These series of paintings represent the surface and formation of planets from other galaxies (about 80) I have in my vision.” 


Each artwork, created with thermocol of 75-85 kg density depicts “a particular surface — as close as from 100 metre distance — to create the same textures of the plains. Many a time, I even go 20 to 30 feet close to see its soil or stony surfaces — a uniquely surreal experience. And those 3D surface images are created in nearly four months’ time without any help.”


The paintings will be on sale at the NY ArtExpo.


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