A Seminar on the Karma and Dharma of Teachers

The Shri G. D. Birla Teachers' Training Programme and the Shri Suryakant Parikh Center for Humanities together organised a training session for all the teachers of the institutions of Vidyamandir on July 9th, 2022 at the Shri Kanubhai Mehta Hall. This was the first training arranged for the teachers after the commencement of the new academic year.

Mr. Tula Sanjay delivered a speech on the Karma and Dharma of Teachers and answered all the questions the teachers had regarding the subject. His ideas encouraged them to go beyond the confines of the curriculum and focus on introducing their students to morals and values. The speaker shared his experiences, which taught him that nowadays, students need to be introduced to humanity more than ever. They thrive when they are showered with love and affection.

However, a few of them explained that they too would love to do something out of the box, but for lack of time, they are unable to help the situation. The expert agreed with what they said and replied that children are cultivated through activities and conversations with teachers, and even a small effort would at least mark the beginning of a greater development. The system can be altered by such small initiatives.

Mr. Tula Sanjay's revolutionary thoughts on education drew the teachers' attention to the more significant objective of education, which is to encourage children to become better humans.The topic of the seminar was chosen to give a fresh impetus to the teachers, and that is precisely what the event did.


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