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Children are brimming with insightful thoughts and ideas that only fresh minds like theirs can produce. What if these gems were shared with peers and educators across the country? Exciting, isn't it? That's the inspiration behind our organisation of India's pioneering virtual Children's Conference—STARS (Student Thoughts And Research Symposium). Here, young students will present their own research papers.


The Thoughts We Have

Based on this theme, you can select any topic such as:

(these are just some suggestions, you can opt for any other topic as per the theme)

·        How Do Emotions Affect Our Thoughts?- Investigate how different emotions (happiness, sadness, fear) can change the way we think and make decisions.


·        My Favorite Thoughts- Jot down people's favorite thoughts or ideas and explore why those thoughts make them happy or excited.


·        Thinking and Problem-Solving- Create fun puzzles or challenges to see how different thoughts and approaches can help solve problems.


·        How Do We Learn New Things? Explore how thoughts help us understand and remember new information, maybe through a simple experiment about learning a new skill or game.


·        Our Imaginary Worlds- Encourage people to draw or describe the worlds they create in their minds and write about how thoughts make these imaginary places possible.


·        Happy Thoughts vs. Sad Thoughts- Create a simple survey to understand how different thoughts affect moods and happiness.


·        How Music Affects Our Thoughts- Investigate how different types of music impact thoughts and emotions.


·        Words and Thoughts- Explore how the words we use can change the way we think or feel.


·        Nature Thoughts- Encourage observation of nature and discuss the different thoughts or feelings that arise when spending time outdoors.


·        Dreams and Thoughts- Encourage people to share and discuss their dreams and what they think about during sleep.


For Student Participants

        Showcase your work before peers nationwide.

        The paper presented at the symposium will be published in our e-journal and on our website for global visibility.

        Your performance will be recorded and available on YouTube.

        Gain worldwide recognition.

        Top 3 Presenters will receive thrilling cash prizes and a certificate of achievement.

        All participants will receive a digital certificate of appreciation to commemorate their achievement.

For Audience Participants

        Perfect platform to understand the current generation, aiding professional growth.

        The event will serve as a training seminar.

        Receive a digital certificate of participation.

        Our event will serve as a platform for your own research work.