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Smt. Menaben-Manilal-Mehta School-(Std.1-2), English Medium School, Palanpur


Vidyamandir was the first institution to realise and act upon the need for an English medium school in the Banaskantha district. In 1984, this became possible with the largesse of Shri Kirtilal Manilal Mehta—a diamond merchant who founded the Antwerp-based diamond company Gembel NV in 1956. He was born in Palanpur in 1907, and after losing his father at the age of 12, he devoted himself to his family business in Burma (Yangon). He is also noted for establishing the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust and the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

He gifted a large property to Vidyamandir and dedicated this charity to his beloved mother, Menaben. Thus, Smt. Menaben Manilal Mehta School was established in 1984. Later, he also stepped forward to expand the school with the addition of a kindergarten and the other sections of higher education. Today, the first and second grades of Smt. Menaben Manilal Mehta English Medium School function on our Parnakutir Campus.

How We Work
We follow the Pragna Abhigam, which corroborates our long-established activity-based concept. All our teachers have assistants to help them observe and understand every child’s true potential and problems. Our curricula emphasise mental and physical fitness to ensure the comprehensive development of our students. We have carefully designed our syllabi and resource rooms to enrapture them and empower their learning experience. The breathtaking view of our campus nicely complements our academic and cultural activities.

240 students and 23 staff members

School Hours:

Mon. to Sat. - 07:15 a.m. to 01:10 p.m.

Parents are welcome to meet the staff on the Second and fifth Saturdays of every month to check on their child's progress.

Mrs. Falguni Purohit
Parnakutir Campus, Shaktinagar,
Mansarovar Road, Palanpur-385001.
Ph. 02742- 245931