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Shri Mangaljibhai Zaverchandbhai Mehta Vidyavistar Vyakhyanmala - Building Photo

Things that are heard are often remembered better, which is why the Vedas and Puranas used to be understood through sermons. Shri Jormalbhai Mangaljibhai Mehta believed that the charity of knowledge is the greatest of all, so he and his family donated 5,100 rupees to Vidyamandir in 1982 to hold a Vidyavistar Vyakhyan every year. The word Vyakhyan means speech, and mala is a bead necklace. Each stone is a bead that is added to the Vyakhyanmala. Every year, Vidyamandir invites insightful orators onstage, who let their knowledge flow to the masses. This concoction of rich experiences and anecdotes is always followed by a Q&A with the audience. The speech topics range from spirituality, history, folklore, literature, empathy, coexistence, life mantras, to mental and physical well-being. The idea is to make the listeners reflect on some of the most valuable things in life.

In the 1980s, Pujya Shri Bhanuvijayji Maharaj, a very revered Jain Muni from Patan, gave a series of lectures on religion and spirituality through our Vyakhyanmala. Award-winning writer, Shri Yashwant P. Shukla, and renowned editor and journalist, Shri Prakash N. Shah, chaired the initial sessions for a couple of years.