Shri Kirtilal Dahyalal Parikh Interactive Class Room (EMS 6 to 8)

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Shri Kirtilal Dahyalal Parikh Interactive Class Room (EMS 6 to 8) - Building Photo

An interactive classroom may act as an exciting factor in a regular class, but for special students, it means much more. Hearing and speech Divyang students learn through signs and texts, but what they long for is something that can break the rigorous cycle. Their inability to speak and hear often frustrates them to such an extent that they find themselves unable to focus on their studies. Moreover, diminished hearing affects their intellect and brain stimulation as well, so the challenge before special educators is to constantly keep igniting their curiosity through interesting activities and methods.

Even before the concept of inclusive education gained momentum, we have always tried to create the same learning experiences for our regular and special students. So when we built interactive classrooms for our Gujarati and English schools, we wanted to give our Maa Shravanvani School for Hearing & Speech Divyang the same facility. We are immensely grateful to the Kirtilal D. Parikh Trust for contributing towards the development of these classes in 2018.