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Shri Chandulal Raychand Mehta Balmandir - Vidyamandir Trust Palanpur


 "બાલુડા સદા ખેલે - કુદે તેવું અહીં કરો. જે ગામમાં હું ઉછરી છું તે ગામનાં બાળકોને તમે આ ઘરમાં ઉછેરજો"

 (Make this a place where little ones can always play and have fun. Raise the children of my hometown in this house.)

- Chanchiben

In 1967, Smt. Chanchibai Mehta shifted to a small house and donated her iconic mansion, which still serves as a prominent landmark of the city, to the Trust to make an invaluable contribution toward education in Palanpur. We established another Gujarati medium kindergarten here to meet the demand for the exemplary education we provided through Shri Jain Balmandir. Thus, Shri Chandulal Raychand Mehta Balmandir, named in memory of Smt. Chanchiben’s father, was founded. We cherish the memory of the late Smt. Chanchibai and remember her donation with gratitude. This prestigious property in the heart of the city now serves as a hostel for our female students and staff.

Education through Play-Way Methods

Shri Chandulal Raychand Mehta Balmandir is now a nursery+kindergarten located at our Shri Manubhai Surajmal Jhaveri - Surekhaben (Crown TV) Campus, which boasts a beautiful dollhouse, a library full of spectacular picture dictionary, sand and water play areas, a playground, and a multimedia room. For each of our subjects, we have a colourful resource room full of scientifically-designed teaching-learning materials to enthrall our kids. Our Pragna Abhigam-based curriculum helps our children grow Better Every Day!

180 students and 9 staff members 

School Hours:
Mon. to Sat. - 08:10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Parents are welcome to meet the teachers and the Principal on the first Saturday of every month.

Principal (Nursery):
Mrs. Leelaben Rana
Kalyan Balmandir Parisar,
Dairy Road, Palanpur-385001.
Ph. 02742-260109

Principal (Sopan 1-2):
Mrs. Urvashiben Mewada
Shri Manubhai Surajmal Jhaveri – Surekhaben (Crown TV) Campus,
Opp. Shashivan, Palanpur-385001.
Ph. 02742-252615