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Rani Jagdambakumariji Lalitkala Mandir - Building Photo

For us, there might be seven wonders in the world, but for children, there are more than seven million of them. Their kaleidoscopic way of viewing the world blends with their imagination and fantasies even while looking at ordinary everyday objects. Once we grow up, there are not many of us who can keep this gifted intellect preserved. The reason lies in our desperation to top our academics and eventually join the rat race of life. We sharpen our memories and train our brains to work so logically that we forget our idiosyncratic ways of perceiving things, which makes us creative, and that is not what education is for.

Vidyamandir was built through the vision of art connoisseurs like Shri Kantilal Chhotalal Mehta (Kanubhai), so valuing and promoting art is one of our priorities. We never let academics drive our students to nip their dreams in the bud for any reason. On the contrary, we have centres dedicated to teaching various art forms to encourage our students to unleash their creative flair

When Rani Jagdambakumariji, the Queen of Nepal, visited Vidyamandir in 1961, she wished to extend her largesse towards our first centre of arts. The institution was built and named after Her Excellency to commemorate her noble gesture. Legendary masters of art like Shri Gayatri Devi, Shri Biharibhai Barbhaiya from Maharaj Sayajirao University, Rasiklal Chhotalal Parikh, Shri Somalal Shah, Shri Chhaganlal Jadav, Shri Sharad Patel, and Shri Thakorbhai Patel have graced our establishment and shared their genius with our students. We offer courses in:

  • Drawing

  • Fabric Printing and Painting

  • Handicrafts

  • Flower-Making

  • Puppet-Making

  • Toy-Making

  • Henna Art

  • Classical, Western, Fusion, and Folk Dance

  • Music

  • Vocals

Mr. Kanubhai M. Prajapati
Shri Navinchandra Modi Bhavan,
Capt. A. D. Lohani Campus, Palanpur-385001.
02742 – 252587